Advantages of Clip Swimwear

Advantages of Clip Swimwear


There are big changes over at Body Aware. They have a hot new model and a whole slew of new products!


I was checking one of my social media accounts when I came across a posting promoting their new Clip Swim Tanga and Clip Thong Swimsuit. I already have one of the Clip Thong Swimsuits in orange, but blue being my favorite color I HAD to order the new blue and yellow thong on their site.


I absolutely LOVE this product. First of all, it fits great. Second it looks great! (I love how the suit shows off my buns). Third, I like how it fits in the front. The fabric almost seems to hug your boys when you wear it.



But the real stars of this product are the clips! Two quick pinches and you are completely naked. The fabric almost seems to jump off your body.


If you’re like me there is no freer feeling than swimming naked. The problem is that there are so few places that you can do so…….. or are there? Like I said earlier, I have this suit in the orange. I have both the Clip Swim Tanga and Clip Thong Swimsuit. I have used my tanga to allow me to swim nude in areas that don’t really promote skinny dipping.


Wearing my tanga or thong, depending on the beach, I head out into the open water. This can be the ocean or a lake or even your own backyard pool. I usually hang a little drawstring pouch from the side of my suit. Getting the pouch to stay on is no problem because you know……CLIPS! Once I’m in the water and far away from other bathers I release the two clips and just like that I’m skinny dipping. If I plan on spending a LOT of time in the water then the suit goes in the pouch and the pouch goes around my ankle.



If I’m just going in for a few minutes I can just hold the suit in my hand. Since you’re in the water nobody can tell you’re naked. This makes for quite a refreshing swim. Then, when it’s time to return to the shore putting the suit back on is as easy as it was to take off. No scrambling to get your legs into the suit. Just clip it back in place and you’re good to go.


I use these two suits constantly to walk between my house and pool. No peeking neighbors, no awkward moments with a towel just complete freedom to swim as I like!


So give either of these two products a try! What other uses can you come up with for our Clip Swim Tanga and Clip Thong Swimsuit? Let us know in the comments!


Oh and by the way the Thong wasn’t the only swimsuit I ordered. I also ordered the See Thru Swim Brief! I’ll tell you about that one in my next blog!


Until next time!!




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I love to swim nude as much as possible feels so good .
I do as you do swim nude sometimes and take swimwear off when away from other swimmers .
I put them around my neck as there is no chance you can lose them .


It’s really perfect clip swim wear


Great idea; I know exactly where you are coming from! Sometimes for a dare in the ocean or pool, and with plenty of distance to the next person, it is tempting to skinny dip. And when I do, and it is time to suit back up, I cannot get the legs in right, or I lose my balance, or it goes on backwards/inside out/twisted up/stuck to my legs. So, besides the fact that this suit looks terrific and comes in cool colors, the clips make the deal!


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