2 Easy Steps for Better Looking Skin

2 Easy Steps for Better Looking Skin

Our faces takes quite a beating, throughout the day. It endures countless dirt and dust particles in the air, damage from the sun’s rays, dryness when it’s cold, abundance of oil when it’s hot, and bacteria from us simply touching it. These conditions can take a toll on our face in many ways, such as developing blackheads, acne, and other impurities that can leave the skin looking a little dull. 


I feel like I know too many men who don’t even use a face cleanser, which, let’s be real, is kind of disgusting. Our faces are excreting oils and bacteria that aren’t getting washed away just by letting water rush off of it in the shower. This contributes to less healthy looking skin, which is essentially skin that just doesn't look that good; surely this isn’t what you’re intending to do to your face.


There are two incredibly easy steps that every guy should be taking to make sure the skin on their face, and it takes less than five minutes out of your day to accomplish. That’s less than the amount of time you may spend browsing our online store. In my opinion, having a healthy-looking face is just as important as having an impressive underwear collection, and I bet anyone you’d want to impress might feel the same way! Here are the two easy steps that will lift the impurities from your face and put you on the path to fresh, healthy skin.


Step 1. Wash That Face



Like I said before, this is something you must be doing. There’s too much dirt, oil, and bacteria that gets on your face to not be taking this step.


Wash twice a day with a facial cleanser, once when you get up, and once before you go to bed. Depending on how much dirt and bacteria your face has been through during the day, you can definitely wash it once in between those two times, but be careful not to over-wash it, as you can dry out your skin. Your skin type will tell you which type of facial cleanser you should be using. If your skin is dry, you might want to try a moisturizing cleanser, like a cream-based one. If it’s acne-prone, try one with tea tea tree oil or charcoal in it. If your skin is just kind of normal, not really going any kinds of crazy with acne or oil production, you could definitely get away with a cleanser that says it's for all skin types.


Though the bottom line is that you should just be cleaning your face, regardless of what type of facial cleanser you're using, getting one based on what type of skin you have definitely helps more than just using any cleanser. You may need to try a few before finding the perfect one for you, but once you find it, your face will be on the road for looking the freshest!


Step 2. Soak Up the Moisture



No matter what kind of cleanser you use, your skin will feel a little tight and dry due to the oils and bacteria being washed away. Putting moisture back into it will make it feel softer, make it look rejuvenated, and will giving it more elasticity, for making you look younger and cleaner!


Like you do with cleansers, finding a moisturizer meant for your skin is also important. However, a big important factor when looking for a moisturizer is that it should always have SPF, at least 15 or higher. The sun’s rays are way more damaging than you think, and even just a small amount of time can start to reverse all of the hard work you put into it.


Beyond the SPF factor, look for moisturizers based on your skin type. If you have generally oily skin, try to find one that says “oil balancing” on it, or one that says it will mattify your skin (just means that it will make it look less shiny.) If you have dry skin, be sure to find one that is meant for it, because the moisturizers that aren't for dry skin-types definitely won't stand up to how much moisture your face really needs. If you have combination skin (oily in some areas, dry in others), theres are moisturizers for that, too! Be sure to know which type yours is before embarking on the journey to find the one for you. But by all means, do NOT use regular body lotion on your face. These aren’t designed to stay out of the pores in your face, and will clog them, causing impurities, black heads, and acne.


With just these two easy steps, the skin on your face will look nice and fresh daily! There are several other products you could use to further enhance your skin’s health, but these two steps are the biggest ways to start, and if you haven’t started yet, you won’t regret it when you do.



If you have a face-care routine, what does it consist of? What is your favorite face product to use? Let us know in the comments!


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