Why is Men's Underwear so Boring?

Why is Men's Underwear so Boring?

It’s an age-old question that I feel like we ask every day, here at Bodyaware. It’s so easy to make men’s underwear more bold, colorful, and sexy beyond belief, yet it seems like most companies like to stick to the traditional styles. It’s sold by the pack in several different shades of black, grey, white, and navy blue, with cuts that aren’t usually form-flattering, and it’s a little sad, to me! Not just because I want to see good looking men looking amazing in their underwear…well, I mean, I kind of do. But, more importantly, I want men to be able to feel sexy because of their underwear! It’s the one garment that it seems like is most often overlooked for us, and that definitely needs to change.


But really though, why is men’s underwear so boring? If you were to ask me, I’d say it’s, like most men’s fashion, because our underwear selections are also fairly limited. The underwear that is most readily available are the 4 or 5-packs that you can find at big department stores, and they so rarely come in flattering cuts or eye-catching colors. So, of course, if a significant other were to see you in these undergarments, it wouldn’t cause any sort of reaction. Or, it would provoke a glance that screams the phrase “are you serious, right now?” However, if it hugged the body nicely, and had a more appealing color other than antique grey or faded black, I’m sure the reaction would be way more pleasing. Underwear that makes you look AND feel sexier? Why wouldn’t guys want that?


Another reason men’s underwear is usually so bland could be the stigma that only certain guys wear sexier pairs of underwear. I remember even when I was younger, the topic of what underwear we wore would come up in my friend group. There was definitely an age where guys more commonly started wearing boxers, and we were all at that age, so most of my male friends at the time would say they wore boxers. However, I still wore briefs, because it was what my parents always got for me and I never had a problem with that. When I told them this, I'd get a response that made it seem like I was so scandalous for wearing underwear with less coverage. You know, because my underwear wasn't a pair of shorts under my pair of shorts. Crazy, right? It's as if our underwear had to match our clothes on the outside, which was always such a foreign concept to me. 


Along with that stigma, there also seems to be this assumption that only gay men would want to wear something more skimpy, colorful, and form flattering. Which then makes it sound like only gay men are concerned with their appearance…which makes the assumption that straight men don’t care at all. If you’re a straight man, do you really want people to assume that of you? This stigma that only gay men would want to wear these kinds of underwear is absurd to me because all men should want to look their sexiest! Don’t let what society's norms restrict you from how you express yourself fashion-wise! And if people make assumptions of you based on your taste in sexy underwear, that’s their problem, not yours. Just know that you're probably cooler than them.

               (Product: Essential Ribbed Bikini Brief)

Overall, society regarding men and their underwear needs to change, big time. Restricting men to just drab colors and unflattering cuts because it might somehow take away their masculinity is attached to an even deeper problem in our society. Thankfully, we have companies like Bodyaware who try to create more styles that can make men feel even sexier. Our Essential Ribbed Bikini Brief is definitely what I suggest for someone who wants something on the sexier side, while not jumping right into the daunting pool of wearing "sexy underwear." It's cut nicely so that you can see more of the body, and has nice support so it frames their goods in all the right ways. Also, the ribbed rayon is so soft and comfortable, you might start filling your whole underwear drawer with them!


Maybe one day we’ll see a bigger change in mainstream underwear for men. Men's fashion has definitely been having a slow, but steady growth in how it looks, but it's no defining indicator for how the underwear world will progress. For now, we’ll continue changing men, one pair at a time.


So do tell us: why do you think traditional men’s underwear is so boring? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear how you feel about this very pressing issue.

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I’ve always said that men’s underwear is bland and boring; grey black white and navy blue. Just because you’re a man you are supposed to wear boxers. Well I’m sorry but it’s not good enough and the amount of times that I hear women saying what we should be wearing is beyond belief. I’ve also heard a woman saying on YouTube about why would a man want a string up there BUM??. Women wear thongs all the time. Just saying


Our women have worn sexy underlings that give them a sexy feeling just knowing that what they have on will turn a guy on if knew what they are wearing, for decades. What about men? Why are men destined to wear undies without some sort of sex appeal. Why can’t I have undies that will give me a sense of sensuality and turn on my girl when she sees what I’m wearing? Over thirty years ago I grew tired of the common white brief. I searched for a number of years before I found several companies selling men’s undies with a little sex appeal and have been wearing them ever since. Then I found Body Aware and their super designs in men’s sex appeal. Now I can have a sensual feeling all day and all night long. Now I can watch her drool at what she sees I’ve got on. Thank You Body Aware for helping men to break out of the norm!

Bob Christian

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