To manscape or not to manscape?: that is the question.

Manscaping is a relatively new practice for men. It really only became mainstream in the past decade, and has grown to become a major area of concern (and confusion) for men. I asked several men and woman their opinions on this topic. The leading question: Is too much "manscaping" feminine, or is too much hair considered disgusting and unattractive?

Over the years, attitudes toward body hair have changed. From 70’s afro-au-naturale, to the so called Hollywood Bare (Brazilian/boyzilian), to just simply trimmed and tamed.

When asked their preference of manscaping, most of the ladies were in favor of hair being clean cut, or at least trimmed and tamed. The majority could care less about pits and legs, but had a major issue with back, chest and the "man bush" or hair "south of the border". However, there were some women who thought body hair on men is manly, and prefer a rugged, scruffy look as opposed to a boyish appearance. From a woman's point of view, I would say the majority of women would prefer their guy to trim the bushes a bit and steer clear of the taco meat. Come on guys, you don't want to be lost in the "underbrush" when it comes to us women, so show us the same consideration! Remember the adage, “The shorter the grass, the taller the tree!”

The majority of the men I spoke to were pretty low maintenance; however, they preferred a trimmed "hedge". They also preferred to have a trimmed chest as apposed to a squeaky clean chest, as well as trimmed but not shaven pits. One of the reasons mentioned is that hair locks in heat, so for many men less hair feels more fresh and clean. A few men polled, like some women,believed untrimmed hair is more manly, and felt as though too smooth is entirely too “feminine"or “metro”.

Ok gentlemen, let's take this a bit further and get your opinions on a few more controversial questions. Despite your manscaping preferences, would you change your grooming habits based on the preferences of your partner, or are you set in stone regarding manscaping? And finally, how do you feel about boyzilians and waxing?

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I like my skin to be smooth so I can feel the silky panties and bra on my skin and my friend like me that way.


Whenever I am on my yearly wintervacation in Thailand I go to have my whole Body waxed by a male waxspecialist completrely and everything from neck down to toes. I love the smooth hairless feeling and look. Most parts of the Boy don’t hurt much, but pubic hairs, penis & balls a bit more…….the smoothness lasts about two months.


I completely agree with manscaping! Especially the saying “the shorter the grass, the taller the tree.” Not sure about boyzillians though! No thanks on the ingrown hair down stairs.


Guys I’ve been with leave the ass alone, though I can see how hair removal back there could be nice if there were some tonguing action going on. I was once with a guy who manscaped the whole area, and yeah, it was nice… Especially since he had such a perfect ass. But seriously, I will add to the chorus and say that if you shave your ass, prepare to do some long term upkeep. The regrowth phase is kind of gnarly, and it can be itchy. But it’s not that bad, so don’t be afraid or anything. Maybe try shaving once—Carefully! Slowly!!—and see how you like it. If it’s too much trouble, just don’t do it again. It only takes a couple weeks for things to return to normal, and in the mean time, the itch isn’t really that bad. It’s more like, you’ll go from being totally unaware of your ass to slightly conscious of your cheek position for a few days. NBD. Just try it out and see if it’s for you. It’ll always grow back.


I get everything waxed from the neck down. Started off as just a way to stay cooler while in Iraq my first tour, but my wife loves the smoothness of everything. I don’t think I could go back to having body hair (I absolutely hate the last little bit in between waxings when it’s too short to pull yet.)


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