Quality vs Quantity

Quality vs Quantity
We all have that one favorite pair of underwear that has probably been put through the wringer. Your underwear might have holes in them by now and may be looking pretty "well loved". Are your old faithful undies dingy with tons of holes and hanging on by a thread? Are these vintage briefs tattered because they are ancient or because they are cheaper quality? When choosing to buy underwear are you more concerned with the quality of the item or getting more bang for your buck?

Who doesn't want to save money AND buy great quality items? There are options for the person who absolutely prefers quality over quantity without breaking the bank .You can always buy your favorite underwear when they are on sale or on a promotional discount. There is no shame in asking for underwear for birthdays or holiday gifts. Putting underwear on your wish list this holiday season is a great idea.

Some would prefer to get a convenient five pack of underwear with lesser quality fabrics than to pay the same price for one or two great quality items. You will be saving money initially , but how long will these undies last?

When it comes to underwear, quality vs. quantity is generally a 50/50 outcome. Some people have the impression that undergarments aren't worth spending the extra money on because it is something they HAVE to purchase, not something they WANT to purchase. On the other hand, some people prefer good quality and longevity on items such as underwear because it is something you are wearing every day and they potentially can get worn out very quickly. Remember: When choosing quality items that are made in the US, you should expect to pay a bit more as labor costs (fair wages) are higher in the US. BodyAware believes in supporting US jobs and we are proud to have our products made in the US.

Weather you are a sucker for the finer things such as durable, luxurious fabrics, or a bargain-over-anything kind of shopper, at the end of the day,you should not only feel good about your underwear choices, but the amount of money you spent vs the comfort/longevity of your underwear. While underwear shopping do you prefer quality or quantity?

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What gorgeous panties on the page – that colour pattern could almost get me out of thongs and into wearing briefs!


Quality first! I’ve wasted allot of money over the years trying to find comfortable yet supportive underwear that also look good on me and make me feel sexy. Nothing “off the shelf” came close. So glad I discovered Body Aware! The U.S. made quality, fit, feel, everything about them has been amazing so far, can’t wait to order more!


It’s bad enough men have little choice in the drab rags adorning the outside of the body. Suits, baggy shorts, t-shirts and jeans are not exactly exciting. So why should we suffer the indignity of the tighty whitey and cotton boxer? Some silk and lace should be available to all and like any underwear, a sexy secret we hide from the world.


Quality for sure! I have warn nice nylon panties for years and have some tricot tees over 10 years old. I like the made in USA here. Knowing lingerie for men is a nitche market the pricing is pretty fair at BA.


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