Style Guide for White Party Season

Style Guide for White Party Season
It’s White Party season! Time to bust out the ivory and dress to the nines. Contrary to popular belief, white parties are no longer limited to just friends of Dorothy. Remember when manscaping was something only gay men did? In fact, white parties have become the latest trend that they even open or close fashion week events around the world. From New York to Los Angeles, Thailand to Switzerland, these dress coded circuit parties are the perfect way to show off your style and dance the cool summer nights away. White parties can last from one night to one week offering a plethora of thematic parties for you and your friends to attend including decade parties, pool parties or personal parties. Most importantly, a lot of these parties can be clothing optional allowing you to show off your BodyAware goods. Here are my picks to help give you some cosmic latte inspiration.
The Soaps & Suds Party
Soak up some bubbles in our sleek Italian Shaper Brief. This microfiber brief is made from the softest material and accentuates your masculine physique effortlessly while keeping your jewels from flopping around. The perfect brief that will leave others foaming at the mouth.
The 70s Disco Pool Party
Channel your inner Travolta with our Mini Sparkler Tanga or Mini Sparkler G String. Wear it underneath some chic white pants or pair it with some sexy Ray Ban aviators.
Mask Party?
Just because it’s a White Party doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to white attire. In fact, Black Party is the new White Party in some social scenes. Stand out from the crowd with our Furries J-String in Zebra print. Pair it with a Zebra-print mask or Zebra head to complete the look.
The Leather & Lace Party
Don’t leave your girlfriend hanging to fend for herself at these parties. Go with her in our Bold Lace Pouch. Feminine enough to match your girl’s look yet masculine enough to get her in the mood for later. Winning.
The Pajama Party
If you like to be the center of attention, then make a statement with our Teardrop Mesh Brief. This party in the front, business in the back brief will make the girls swoon and the boys jelly. Pair it with some angel wings and let the pillow fight begin. Whatever the theme, BodyAware has plenty of options to choose from to accommodate your white party shenanigans. Comment below and tell us which of these looks is your favorite.

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Sexy sexy

Luis A

The Teardrop is such a cool piece. I love your idea of adding angel wings. I’m a DJ and this would make an awesome getup.


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