5 Gift Ideas for Non-Traditional Men

5 Gift Ideas for Non-Traditional Men

Gift-giving season is right around the corner, which means the radios, TV networks and anywhere else with advertisements will be telling you that you need to buy the men in your life power tools,  sports gear, and grilling equipment. It can be so boring hearing these suggestions because it assumes that all men stick to the traditional “masculine” stereotypes of things they want. Never fear, though, because I’m here to offer more exciting suggestions! Whether the men you know already break the mold of typical gender norms, or if you’d like to excite them with some unconventional gifts, here are some great ideas that are sure to please.

 1. Messenger Bag/Satchel


My life changed significantly after I got a messenger bag (like this one) for Christmas, last year. Of course, the guy you buy this for might get the coy remarks (from guys who are probably jealous of him) about having a “murse,” but you know what? He’d be the murse-wearing, fashion-forward guy who has a place to carry all of his important documents, technology, and whatever else you could possibly need! Lord knows I love when a guy is stylish AND prepared!

 2. Fun Coffee/Tea Mugs


Whether the guy you’re shopping for is passionate about photography or just collects fun mugs, The Get Into Focus Lens Mug that we found on photojojo.com would be a fun way to enjoy his morning brew. Shoot, I’m not even all that passionate about photography and I’m in love with this mug. 

 3. Scarves


I feel like men are usually so afraid to accessorize for fear that they’ll be perceived unfavorably by their fellow males (because according to the typical man, being a fashionable male is just so wrong!) This scarf from Frank & Oak is perfect, in my opinion, because for scarf lovers like me, I think it’s beautiful! But it’s just neutral enough to where someone who doesn’t normally accessorize could be excited to try it. Not too crazy, but still makes a man look dang good. It's also super soft, which is definitely something good to look for if you're a scarf collector in the making.

4. Sexy BodyAware Underwear!


Our more revealing items, like the Screen Door Booty Shorts, would be a perfect non-traditional gift for that special man in your life! I mean, who doesn’t love a good pair of transparent underwear? He can keep these on during the day and once you’re both home and he slips off those work pants, the two of you would be in for quite a treat! (And maybe you could even grab yourself a pair!)

 5. A Sex Toy


Whoa there! A sex toy? For Christmas? You betcha! And this one is quite a unique one. The Clone Your Willy will replicate your man’s penis (or yours, if you have one) to make for a fun experience for long distance lovers, or even just a fun activity to try together! It can be fun even if sex isn’t quite your thing.

We hope you enjoyed our reccomendations! What gifts do you like to receive during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

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