Confessions of an Underwear Model: Cory

Confessions of an Underwear Model: Cory

We've been doing quite a few shoots with this beauty, lately! It's about time he answered some questions for us, wouldn't you say?

Funny story: Kat (our production assistant) and I had found him on Instagram prior to shooting with him, and we immediately started fangirling over him. He's such a good looking guy, and we couldn't stop talking about how much we wanted him to model for us. Sure enough, as if some deity answered our prayers, our boss was told about him by one of our photographers, and she suggested using him for a photo shoot! Talk about a dream come true, right? It sure is fun working in a position where you could be like "oh em gee, that guy is hot! I want to meet him!" and then have it come true (most of the time)

But enough about me and my fan-girlish nature! Read about this vegan stud, who's also quite hilarious!


Age: 25

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 155

Eyes: blue

Shoe size: 10

Zodiac sign: libra

Nationality: german, polish, jewish

Favorite color: All of them!

Favorite food: Vegan food! 

Woman crush: @fullyrawkristina

Man crush: @jacobvpeterson

Guilty pleasure: I dont live with guilt ever! =]

Turn on: After gym smells 

Best feature: eyes and smiles

Favorite TV show: South Park

Favorite music genre: pop

Favorite motto: Live in the moment 

Favorite Holiday: Halloween!


How did you get into modeling?

It started when my friend got a nice camera back in high school. She wanted to take pictures of me and things perpetuated from there. 


Besides Body Aware, What is your dream modeling gig?

Any gig that requires me to travel would be a dream. 


What interests you most about modeling?

The chance to show case the hard work of a designer makes me very excited!


Do you think there is a stigma against men wearing "skimpy" underwear? If so, why do you think the stigma is there?

I think society has promoted men to cover up and women to flaunt it. Either way, no-one should be ashamed of the body they have! 


How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

I start the day on the right side of the bed, I have a delicious plant-based breakfast, hit the gym and I’m off!


Do you manscape?

Not often enough 


How many times a week do you workout and what’s your favorite routine?

Id say I’m active everyday, but i hit the gym about 4 or 5 days a week for about 90 minutes minimum. 


What is your favorite style of underwear?



What do you like about BodyAware?

How sexy the brand is!


What is your idea of a perfect date?

April 25th, because its not too hot out and its not too cold, all you need is a light jacket. 


If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you be stranded with and with what three items?

Id be stranded with my dog! Hopefully with fresh water, a lighter, and a guitar. 


Your most embarrassing moment?

When i pooped my pants in 2nd grade lol


Moment where you felt the most proud?

When you have those adult moments and can say i did that on my own. 


Where can we find you on social media?

I am @Corkswag on instagram and #CoryKuehn  


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