What's The Outlet?

Since people have been loving our Outlet shop in the US, we thought it was time to add a special Outlet section to our UK site as well! This tab will contain any end-of-line items at a dramatically discounted price. This means that these items are on their way out and only a few sizes remain. Therefore, we made it easier to shop with separate tabs based on which sizes we have in stock. We'll also be adding some of our special and unique items you may see in our US Outlet shop onto UK's site very soon. But how soon? Usually we send new items to the UK every week and by the beginning of each week they become active. So be sure to check back to see if we have added any additional items you have been scoping out on our US site. 


Some may or may not know, but BodyAware operates out of the US but has a separate UK warehouse to make distribution easier for our customers outside of the US. We send out a portion of our new items to update our UK store as soon as we get new inventory. The process usually takes a week to receive the items into our UK warehouse and then have them added to our UK site for purchase.

When you are buying from the UK BodyAware site as an EU customer, you do end up saving on shipping costs as well as receiving the items a week sooner, or for UK customers, you would be receiving the items the following day or the day after. Then you also don't have to deal with customs and duties like you would if you were to have purchased from our US BodyAware site. Typically, the shipping cost is around $20 or more, not counting the customs and duty fees. Thus this also adds on an extra two to eight week waiting time on your package to arrive. So when you do purchase from our UK BodyAware site you'd be saving so much more on shipping and the anticipation time to receive your new underwear. 

However, we do know that some items you must have and our US site tends to carry more of our older favorite styles. So our shipping guys will always be of help when you need to make a purchase with us through our US BodyAware site! Feel free to leave us a message us and we will make sure to get back to you within the day. 

Have you purchased from our UK site yet?  Let us know what you think!

-The US BodyAware Team  

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Great product love them all

Les June 30, 2017

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